Welcome Message

    Are you a nature lover? Indeed, you got the first step to the place you are looking for. Our barangay is located near the woodlands. Perfect glimpse to the sight-seeing view of a nature atmospheric place.

    Our barangay contribute to the basic needs of the Balanga city through its prime agricultural land. Hectares of rice fields, fruits plantation like mango, jackfruit and other seasonal seedling, and plentiful of organic based vegetables.

    Moreover, it is ideal place in pasturing of the cattle. Which eventually, give the reason why our barangay called Dangcol that came from animal manure.

    Although, distance from the city proper may associate to our barangay, the support of the city government was vast and at high-speed. That’s why, we are not left behind because of our distance. At the end of the day, this continuous support and with our united barangay, to be a world class will be a just step away. And this website does a great job to show the information of our barangay around the world, the soon to be a world class barangay.

    Keep up! Whenever you need some nature refreshment, Barangay Dangcol is at your service.