Barangay Profile

I.                   Barangay Profile:


Province                :                      Bataan

City/Municipality  :                        Balanga

Barangay               :                     Dangcol

Location                :                      Urban

Total land area      :                       2,445.37 hectares


General Description and Characteristics of the Barangay:

 Boundaries:  Central, Cupang, Bliss and Tanato.

 Major source of livelihood:           Farming


 Population:                        Male:               710

                                           Female:           644

                                           Total:               1,354


Number of household:      297


Source of population count:         


Total number of                 Male:               474

registered voters:              Female:           453

                                          Total:               927


Number of Barangay Personnel:

a.  Tanod:                          18

b.  Health worker:               2

c.  Nutrition Scholar:          1

d.  Lupon member:            8

e.  Purok Leaders:              8

f.  Librarian:                       0

g.  Day care worker:           1

h. Alay kalinisan worker:     5


II.                Proximity of Barangay Location to Basic Services and Service Institutions:


Educational Facility:                           Number of present:                 if not present, what is the

distance fr. the Brgy. to the nearest facility? (in km.)

a. pre-school                                                   1                                              -

b. elementary                                                  1                                              -

c. secondary                                                   1                                              -

d. vocational                                                    0                                              14 kms.


Health Facility                                    Number of Present                          if not present, what is the

distance fr. the Brgy. to the nearest facility? (in km.)


a. private medical clinic                                   0                                                   14 kms.

b. hospitals                                                    0                                                   14 kms.

c. maternal and child clinic                              0                                                   14 kms.

d. barangay health centers                              1                                                       -

e. family planning centers                                0                                                   14 kms.

f. day care centers                                          1                                                      -

g. drugstores                                                  0                                                   14 kms.


Service Facility                                   Number of Facility                           if not present, what is the

distance fr. the Brgy. to the nearest facility? (in km.)


a. post office                                                   0                                               14 kms.

b. police station                                               0                                              14 kms.

c. bank                                                           0                                              14 kms.

d. market                                                        0                                              14 kms.

e. public transport                                            0                                              14 kms.

f. multi-purpose hall                                          0                                             14 kms.


Type of public transportation present in the Barangay:          Tricycle


Credit Institutions:


            How many credit institutions are present in the Barangay?


Name of Organization:                                                           Contact Person:

  • Senior Citizen                                                              Leda Mardo
  • Kabalikat                                                                     Diontte Tamoro
  • BAPA                                                                         Eduardo Gabriel
  • DOTDA                                                                       Kgwd. Lorenzo V. Perello     
  • Aeta’s                                                                         Ana Gulisan


Road Network (State the type and length of roads/streets existing in the Barangay)


Type of road                 Length                               Present condition                   Maintained by:


a. concrete                     3kms.                                good                                   municipal

b. asphalt                       4 kms.                               Pair                                     municipal

c. natural/earth surface  600 meter                            pair                                           -


Water Supply:            


Not served by a water station/company?       



What are the sources of water in the How many units/stations? How many households are
 community? Total  functioning  not functioning being served?
a.  deep well    10          8                  2                    50
b.  artesian well    8            8                  0 15
c.  shallow well    5            5                  0                     20
d.others (specify)

river,stream,lake,spring    1            1                  0                     150
e. commercial water refill stations    0            0                   0            -


Electricity Service:


What is the name of the electric company?    PENINSULA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE


How many households are being served by the company?    95%


Peace and Order:


Types of crimes                                   Number of reported cases during the past 12 months           

                                                                        Male                Female             Total


Crimes against persons                                     

a. murder                                                            0                      0                      0

b. physical injury                                                 0                      0                      0

c. rape                                                                0                      0                      0



Crimes against property                                    

a. robbery                                                           2                      1                      3

b. theft                                                                0                      0                      0


Domestic violence                                             

a. 18 years and above                                         0                      0                      0

b. child abuse (below 18)                                     0                      0                      0


Other crimes                                      

a. drug trafficking                                              0                     0                      0

b. drug using                                                    0                      0                      0

c. prostitution                                                   0                      0                      0

d. alcohol-related case                                      1                      0                      1

Educational Institutions (Public)


Day Care Centers/Pre-Schools:          Barangay Dangcol Day Care Center

Number of Enrollees:                         50         

Elementary Schools:                           Emilio Bernabe Elementary Schools

Pre-Elementary:                                 Emilio Bernabe Elementary Schools

Number of Enrollees:                             27

Grade 1:                                              60

Grade II:                                               37

Grade III:                                              35

Grade IV:                                             30

Grade V:                                              27

Grade VI:                                             38

High school:                                       None

Colleges:                                           None

Others (vocational schools):                None


Health Institutions in the Barangay:


Barangay Health center present in the Barangay.

Number of barangay health workers: 2

Is there a doctor present in the health Center?           No

If no, how many times does a government doctor visit the health center in a week?           

Answer:    Once a month


Hospitals:   None

Clinics:    None